Broken Springs

Broken Cables

Replacement Sections

Opener Gear Kit Replacement

Need Service?

  • We service all makes and models of doors and openers
  • Broken spring and cable replacement
  • Preventative maintenance and tune up
  • Damaged section replacement
  • Replace doors damaged by hail
  • Installation of garage doors and openers
  • Sales of new doors and openers

If your door is not opening or closing, or is not working correctly, contact us.

Opening garage doors is our business!

Here at Lake Country Door, we use high quality heavy duty cable for replacement of broken cables. This meets and often exceeds all door manufacturer's recommendations. When we replace any hardware or hinges, we use only 14 gauge or heavier when able to do so.

For our residential spring replacement we use 15,000 cycle springs or greater (each cycle is one open/close of your garage door). Most doors come from the manufacturer with around 10,000 cycle springs. When we replace your springs, we give you a five-year warranty on these high cycle springs!

Dented door? Don’t worry. We have access to any make and model replacement section. Whether it is the bottom section or a top window section, we can get the sections you need and install them quickly.

All work is backed by our 90-DAY SERVICE WARRANTY.